The Marian Virtue Project

Way back in September, I had a bit of fun creating this post on what I thought the "Marian virtues" were when I first heard of them. All gifs aside, however, we can learn a lot from Mary, especially through each specific Marian virtue. 

In order to learn about these virtues, let's talk about the man who first enumerated them: Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort. 

Saint Louis de Montfort was an eighteenth-century saint who loved the Blessed Virgin greatly and strove to proclaim her goodness. As his love of Mary grew, Montfort identified ten virtues which Mary manifested, known as the "Marian Virtues." Mary perfectly obeyed God; we therefore strive to emulate her primarily through these ten virtues:

In April, my good friend Abby and I embarked on a ten-month-long spiritual journey. Each month, we choose one Marian Virtue through prayer, discernment, and discussion. We then work to embody that virtue throughout the month. I am excited to announce that Abby and I are working on a series of posts on the fruits of our "Marian Virtue Project" so far! 

We are now in the ninth month of our project. January will be the month of our tenth and final Marian virtue: profound humility. I'm sure God will give us plenty of "opportunities" to grow in that particular virtue (read: God will probably throw us into the dirt. On the ground. Repeatedly. But it will all be for the sake of teaching us, His children, how to live good and holy lives).

Abby and I feel that we grew and continue to grow in faith throughout this project, and we want to encourage you to join us! You may begin with profound humility in January, or you may choose another virtue. If ten months is too much of a commitment, try ten weeks of Marian virtues. And, I would remind you (as I so often must remind myself) that just because you are working on growing in one particular virtue, you should not throw the other nine out the window. Ask for Mary's intercession during this time and be open to whatever the Lord has in store!

Happy New Year!

Some Marian Virtue Resources:
Mary's List: The 10 Virtues of Mary by Brian Kissinger 
The Ten Virtues of Mary Series hosted by To the Heights blog
True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort (includes Marian Consecration preparation)


  1. That is such a cool idea!!!! Especially with the solemnity of Mary on January 1st. I'm gonna try to do this! (the 10 week version, I think) Also, I totally love the picture image at the beginning of the post-it looks really good!

    1. Thanks, AnneMarie! I had heard of people doing it for ten weeks, but I figured I needed a lot more work than that :) The Rosary in the picture is made by Adrienne of Keogler Studios, and it's my favorite!


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